A research proposal on contract strategies for projects in the subsea oil and gas industry essay

According to Seshadrithe extra charges in the endeavors of the contract strategy together with reimbursable costs are treated with a lot of concern as they are part of the contractors expertise.

The violence and the problems are continuing to arise. According to Babusiauxcontract strategy refers to the process or the endeavor to select an organizational or projects contractual policy that is required for the execution of specific projects within the major venture. A contract is a legal term that is either written or spoken as an agreement between two or more parties for the purpose of the delivery of particular services in return for money or any other valuable asset Blum,p.

No one cares about the people who live in this world they only care about themselves and what they can get out of it. Nevertheless, technological changes lead to the development of core values that aim only at fast exploration with consequent high production of oil and gas products.

Nevertheless, in the subsea oil and gas engineering projects, a contract type is selected by the managers of the project through the advice of the projects engineers and his or her legal advisor. In this 7 weeks I have learned about contracts, verbal, electronics and some others that I know are going to be part of my… Legal Actiobn toys vs Amazon 1.

This will include the way they are used in the subsea oil and Gas Industries as well as establishing the consideration made before choosing them for a particular project. This type of contract is also referred to as cost-plus contract strategy.

As all this contracting strategies are based on the procurement process, it is basically known that supply chain in the industry of oil and gas has not been taken seriously for quite some time and this has resulted to significant drawbacks.

Although few study this issue, many companies are investing in the industry probably ending up adopting one or several contracting strategies.


Finally, the research will materialize in identifying the benefits and disadvantages of the two quoted types of contract strategies alongside comparing between both contract strategies to determine the best depending on how complex a project is.

Research Aim The aim of this research will be to study contract strategies used in oil and gas industry and conclude in comparing and evaluating the impact on a project by applying cost reimbursable contract strategy and lump sum contract strategy.

As stated earlier in the paper, cost reimbursement contract strategy operates in three types as discussed below: Lump sum contract strategy Contrary to the cost reimbursement strategy, Lump sum contract strategy allows the projects owner to know the total price of the project before the completion of the operation.

The major advantage of this contract strategy is that it clearly advocates responsibility to the major contractor because they assume full responsibilities over the risks and have the power to control the projects implementation endeavors, minimizing the interfaces as well as working with more overlaps between engineering and construction phases.

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The concept of research onion design Mark Saunders,p. How did the court determine that the offer was sufficiently definite? The empirical part of the research examines the theoretical framework of the perspective of the two contracting strategies, their effectiveness, their roles as well as the benefits and shortcomings that accrue as a result of their espousal.

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It is one of the most beneficial type of a contract. The research will also explore, discus and determine the role of the two contract strategies in project management by comparing and evaluating their impacts. However, scholars agree that this contracting strategy implies massive operational costs as well as huge scheduling risks.

Application… A research proposal on contract strategies for projects in the subsea oil and gas industry Introduction In different subsea oil and gas projects developments, the award of large contracts for a variety of works is undertaken. Furthermore, cost plus strategy offer a lot of flexibility as they provide contractors with incentives to minimize the probable risks as well as offering bonus amounts of funds that assist in increasing the chances of assuming extra risks.

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However, scholars agree that cost reimbursement contracts strategies have their own shortcomings. This world we live in is confusing and demanding from the average human it is not humane.

Furthermore, this contracting strategy in the subsea oil and gas industry reduces the expended effort by the operating management team of the project in managing the contract work by allowing for lower owner costs. Surround ourselves around positive influences.

Most specifically, in the normal world of contracts, reimbursable contracts are always in accordance to the moral first best situation whereby the principle is mandated to observe the actions of an agent and probably order him or her to change and adopt an effective action. Finally the colors painting represent a sense of unity, harmony, and coming together.

Under the cost reimbursement strategy, there are three types of contracts which include; the cost plus percentage, the cost plus fixed fee and cost plus fixed fee plus incentive contracts.

Although the law of contract is about the enforcement of promises but not all promises are… Week 7 Assignment Busn Since this class is going to be part of my major and all the reading and the concept of business law, it will be very helpful for my major as well. All ethical rules that are laid down in the consent are supposed to be followed to the latter.

Research methodology is a study problem of the research in the context of any study adopted and aims to put into place in the research process with specific objectives in mind aimed at achieving the best results. We should practice what the bible says; love is patientlove is kind.benchmarking analysis for the oil and gas industry.

Jim is focused on developing benchmarking consortiums to capture cost and schedule project data that enables companies to understand: cost/schedule ranges for major metrics, cost/schedule deviations & key root causes driving risk and relative performance within the oil/gas industry.

DTTL Global Oil & Gas Leader Declining oil prices have taken a toll on the global oil and gas industry. In DecemberWest Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude prices dropped from over $ per barrel to less than $60 per barrel, with Brent oil prices following suit.

Oil and Gas Reality Check 1. Dec 02,  · OIL AND GAS Researched & Presented By: Glenson Sequeira (41) OIL AND GAS Oil and Gas Industry in India is a billion USD industry (as in March ').

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The India oil & gas demand ranks it sixth in the world. The oil and gas industry has been instrumental in fuelling the rapid growth of the Indian economy.

Skip to content. Menu. Home Order PAPER NOW Sample Papers; About us; F.A.Q. Sep 11,  · The research proposal tries to explain how private laws owed by private individuals and companies have being applied in environmental conservation and effectiveness of these laws in terms of being able to prevent any form of environmental threat in the future.

Wood Group is the leading oil and gas services in the North Sea. (ref). Wood Group global reputation has been built by successfully managing the most complex engagements for their customers, offering a wide range of integrated services across the asset life has noticeably increased the .

A research proposal on contract strategies for projects in the subsea oil and gas industry essay
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