Antithesis from romeo and juliet

Character 7 Old Hamlet Although not much has been stated about Old Hamlet in the play, he seems to be a very kind, just and generous ruler. Character 10 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern These two characters appear very briefly in the play but become victims of their duty as well as an obligation.

She seems to be a simple and innocent character but becomes a victim of circumstances and political intrigues.

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Tybalt sees Romeo and automatically thinks of him as a threat and that Romeo is challenging him, by just being at the party. Both families are equal in status and are equal in their contempt for the other with their only difference stemming from their name.

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The pun between Tybalt and Mercutio in Act 3 Scene 1 when they are using the word "consort" in different manners.

Which leads Laertes, his son to seek revenge. Character 5 Ophelia Ophelia is the most innocent and loveable character in Hamlet. Hamlet loves her so much that he almost loses his senses when he confronts her knowing that she is also involved in spying on him.

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Romeo and Juliet Analytical Essay on Antithesis

However, it changes when King Claudius marries his mother after killing his father, Old Hamlet. The Environment Romeo and Juliet is obviously a tragedy of imprudent young love and its ensuing complications. She is giving background information about Juliet. His father advises him to live a frugal and moderate life in France.

Mercutio helps Romeo with situations in his life; in this situation would be love.

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This shallow levelonce revealed, takes away some of the excitement each relationship presents on the surface because of the total obsession with the relationship that is coming from both main characters.

The conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues is due to the fact that each regards their family as completely honorable and the other as completely evil.

Essay writing thesis antithesis synthesis hegel Essay writing thesis antithesis synthesis hegel 4 stars based on reviews evolvingthoughts. Upon entering the feast, Romeo is immediately lovestruck by a woman he discovers to be a Capulet.May 17,  · Best Answer: The nurse is a comic-relief character.

She is giving background information about Juliet. She is talking about how old Juliet is. Juliet will be 14 years old on Lammas Eve.

(Lammas is a day in the fall to celebrate the completion of the wheat Status: Resolved. Juliet is a Capulet while Romeo is a Montague; Bella is a human while Edward is a vampire. The relationships end in their own separate ways: Romeo and Juliet die, Edward and Bella continue on with their lives although their relationship, and possibly their lives, are at stake and in question.

antithesis because then Romeo and Juliet would not be able to be together, and there would not be both a happy and sad result. Another thing that had antithesis was Romeo and Juliet's love.

look in act 3 scene 2 after the nurse has told Juliet about romeo killing Tybalt - Juliet uses loads of antithesis in couple of little monolgues she makes.

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In the two examples we looked at from Romeo and Juliet, asides help foreshadow, or hint at future events, parts of the play and reveal the thoughts and feelings of a character, such as the line.

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Antithesis from romeo and juliet
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